evaBorn in Czech Republic, Eva attended weekly art classes from 6 to 15 years of age. Following this she was accepted into a prestigious high school for young people gifted in the arts, from where she graduated in graphic arts after four years of study.

In 1968, just after her graduation, Czechoslovakia was invaded by Russia and Eva left to immigrate to Australia. After two years working as a designer in the textile industry in Sydney, Eva soon found herself living on an alternative community on the South Coast of NSW, where she stayed for seven years. During that time she worked mainly with silkscreen printing, textiles and illustration.

From there Eva travelled to India where she stayed for three years studying meditation after which she moved back to Sydney and later spent six years living in the USA, mainly California, working with graphics and screen printing. In the US she also started to develop an interest in painting and collage, which led to her unique painting technique of layering paint and wearing down through the layers to achieve an ancient look.

Upon her return to Australia in 1989 Eva settled in Byron Bay in Northern NSW where she stayed until 2006. During this time she concentrated fully on painting and exhibiting, also travelling each year to the Northern Indian Himalayas for extended stays where she continued painting. During this time her medium was acrylics on paper, using her layering technique, and her themes and motives were influenced by the vibrant colours of Tibetan Buddhism and its ancient decorative traditions.

Most recently Eva lived in Sydney for five years before returning back to the South Coast of NSW to live in Bermagui in 2011. In Sydney her work turned to acrylic on canvas and she had several exhibitions. Thematically her interest gradually turned to the spirituality of organic mechanics of nature, relationships of the worlds of DNA, star orbits, circuit boards, movements of subatomic particles, flow of hormones, patterns of language, layers of history.

Her return to life in the country signaled an appearance of interest in growing things, conception, reproduction, and seeds as holders of all life. These themes are explored in her unique way in her most recent exhibition in Bermagui, her first on the South Coast. Her rich life’s journey as an artist and a human being is evident in her work.