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SeedCode: an exhibition of paintings by Garimo Eva Cockova and ceramic work by Lianna Blossom Young

Two original artists Garimo and her daughter Blossom will be showing their works locally (Bermagui, South Coast of NSW) for the first time. Both have recently moved to the South Coast and have brought with them their profound artistic talents. Garimo was a well known artist in Byron Bay area while she lived there for more than a decade and has exhibited her works regularly in several galleries there and in Sydney.  Blossom, a recent graduate of the National Art School in Sydney specialises in ceramic sculpture. Her works explore the delicate balance and harmony of man and nature, including both figurative pieces and vessels.

Garimo says about her work: “Recently a fascination with seeds as holders of all life started to appear in my paintings. My work has always been about making the invisible visible, trying to grasp the interconnectedness of all things, the vast information contained in a smallest seed or deeper on the subatomic level. What is seen on my canvases is more a poetic imagining of these themes rather than an attempt at any kind of literal description. I create a benevolent world on the canvas where all the necessary information is available, hidden in the code of lines and patterns. One is the code to make a lotus, another a code of conduct to live in harmony with the natural world. I want to share my awe at the beauty and the miracle of a seed on the microscopic level, I hope for understanding through seeing connections.”

While Garimo and Blossom work separately and in different mediums they often find similarities in their creative expression –
a nice refection of their strong family connection – both their works are nature based, highly decorative and complement each other well.  Now their long held dream of having a show together has come to existence.


Showing at Shop 7 Art Space THE WHARF in Bermagui

from 21st September to 7th October 2012

Opening drinks: Sat 22 Sept 4 – 6 pm

open daily: mon-wed: 10am – 3pm & thur-sun: 10am-9pm
contact: 0406 512 988